Cycling & Mountaineering Expedition

Cycling in Ladakh

Cycling in Ladakh offers a thrilling experience for those who dream of cycling through the highest mountain range in the world. Cycling at all levels can be a welcome experience. In Ladakh, one can come across many of the attractive Buddhist Gompas on the way while cycling through beautiful local villages, all at the backdrop of the snow-coated Himalayan mountain ranges. After day long performances of cycling one can enjoy the Tibetan food-Momos, Noodles with Beans, Pancakes with Jam, Dal with Rice, and so on. To cycle the twisted roads in Ladakh, one needs to be technically perfect biker as the roads are rough , though paved. A support car to carry ones luggage comes handy and helps to enjoy the great Himalayan range without any worry. The best time for cycling is from mid June to September end.

One can ride through the 64km road from Leh to Alchi. The route takes one on a Zig Zag course through the snaky turns of the Himalayan Roads. Leh-Hemis (45 km) is another famous cycling option. There are various travel agencies which arrange the cycling trips in Ladakh and offer their expertise.


The most liked extremely adventurous sport is mountaineering. There are several mountain ranges throughout the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Among them Pir Panjal, Great Himalayas, Zanskar, Ladakh, Karakoram are well known for mountaineering. Climbing in these rigorous mountain ranges of Himalayas can be very exciting and typically an expedition can take a month. The state is rich in flora and fauna, the apex of most peaks are a thrilling experience and from the peak tops, one can easily look beyond the neighbouring countries like - Pakistan and Tibet. Not too high peaks in the region are off Sonamarg like - Kolahoi(5,425 m) and Harmukh (5,148 m). One can quickly make an alpine ascent on these peaks. The peaks in the Kishtwar region are also not too high but offer technically difficult climbing with many challenging faces and ridges.
The popular peaks are:

  • Sickle Moon - 6,575 m
  • Riger - 6,001m
  • Brammah - I 6,416m
  • Crooked Finger - 5,630m
  • Arjuna - 6,230m
  • Katori - 6,138m
  • Flat Top - 6,100m

In the Zanskar region some famous peaks are :

  • Nun - 7,135m
  • Kun - 7,077m

The peaks located at the head of the Shafat glacier. Around the Nun and Kun:

  • White Needle - 6,500m
  • Pinacle - 6,930m
  • Z-1 - 6,400m
  • The 'Z' series of ranges also cluster around the Drang Drung.

In the Ladakh region are the famous peaks are

  • Stok Kangri - 6,153m
  • Parcha Kangri - 6,065m
  • Kanglcha - 6,400m.

Recently peaks in the restricted area of the Nubra valley in the Indian Karakorams have also been opened to foreigners and Indians for mountaineering and trekking.

Things Required for Cycling and Mountaineering:
Cycling and Mountaineering are undoubtedly the most enthusiastic adventure sports high in the Himalayan region. You can either select the self-supported trip with all the required equipment and the supplies on the bike itself or else you can also carry just yourself on the bike and have a carrier van following you with all the required equipment. Some of the equipment required to be carried along on the trip is a mountain bike fitted with gears and water bottle cages, water bottles, bicycle helmet, shorts, t-shirt, windcheater, back pack, and a basic level of fitness.

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