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Kokernag is a town and a notified area committee in Breng Valley Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir renowned as a perfect destination for those looking for a serene and beautiful experience in the hills. Its natural beauty majorly talks about its alluring gardens, trout streams and hot springs of fresh water. These springs are believed to possess medicinal properties. Most prominent amongst them is the magical source of ‘Papashudan Nad’, which attracts thousands of tourists flocking to this part of Jammu and Kashmir.
Koker means 'fowl' and nag means 'serpent'. The spring gushes out of the base of a thickly wooded hill from where it divides into channels, which resembles to the claw-foot of a hen, hence its name. Kokernag is at the height of (approx.) 2000 mts from sea level. Place is famous for gardens, largest fresh water springs in Kashmir and for its trout streams. Towns and village situated around Kokernag are Wangam, Hangalgund, Sagam, Zalergam, Datsun etc. Kokernag has been mentioned in Ain Akbari, where in it has been mentioned that the water of Kokernag satisfies both hunger and thirst and it is also a remedy for indigestion.
Adding further to one’s itinerary is the Kokernag waterfall, which is also a type of freshwater spring and is counted amongst the very popular attractions of the region. Besides the collection of springs, it boasts of numerous varieties of flowers and plants that add to the breathtaking scenery of its surroundings.

Best Time to visit Kokernag Garden

As Kokernag resides in the high altitudes of Jammu and Kashmir, the region gets prone to subzero temperatures during the winters. This makes summers the best time to visit Kokernag. Over here summers arrive in the month of June and continues till October.