Kashmir Houseboat Tour

The charm of staying on a Kashmiri houseboat in a cedar-paneled bedroom with all the conveniences of a luxury hotel is truly irresistible. Fancifully bedecked and romantically named, these houseboats vary in their degree of luxury, quite like hotels. Apart from luxurious bedrooms, dining rooms, lounge and attached bathrooms, you also have balconies where you can spend your time eye feasting. Travellers can easily choose from a wide range and categories of houseboats. Some of these houseboats also offer tourists free Shikara rides on Dal Lake

The enchanting water-boat residences crafted out of cedar wood are elegantly finished with stately living quarters, drawing and dining rooms, carved wooden furniture, glowingly embroidered rugs and fabrics. The large windows of the houseboats face the huge Himalayan Mountains and the Dal Lake covered with beautiful lotus flowers. The silent atmosphere, breathtaking view and homely comfort give freshness and renewed energy to any exhausted traveler.

Kashmir Houseboat Facilities

The grand "Firdous" has three double bedrooms with attached bathrooms, hot and cold water, and living room. "Khushal" has two double bedrooms and all other desired comforts as above. "Nishat" and "Kushdil" are both the favorites of newly wedded honeymooners, as they have one double bedroom and all the comforts of privacy, facing the lake with its beauty. The wonderful houseboats in Kashmir provide the homely comfort, food of your taste, many options open to your choice such as a Shikara ride, sunbathing on the houseboats top-deck, shopping, trekking, relaxing, reading and just being served whatever desired.

Categories of Houseboats in Kashmir

For the convenience of tourists, the State Tourism Department has classified the houseboats into five categories - Deluxe, A, B, C and D. Srinagar has a total of 1087 registered houseboats, out of which 702 are anchored in Dal Lake, 173 in Nagin Lake, 142 on River Jhelum, 5 on Dal Lake close to Naseem Bagh and the rest are anchored in other lakes. Most of the Deluxe category houseboats are anchored in Dal Lake and Nagin Lake. Besides, there are 129 A-class houseboats, 124 B-class houseboats, 134 C-class houseboats and 351 D-class houseboats.

Location of Houseboats

Like categories, the location of houseboats also varies and you can always choose as per your individual choices and preferences. Some of the Kashmir houseboats are located overlooking the main road, some lie overlooking the wonderful lotus gardens while others stand facing tiny villages and local markets which are right in the middle of the lake.

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