About The City Pahalgam

Located 95 km from Srinagar at a height of 7200 Ft., Pahalgam, known as the ‘Valley of Shepherds’, is a famous hill station in Jammu and Kashmir where many films have been shot. Standing at the confluence of Lidder River and the Sheshnag Lake, Pahalgam is surrounded by thickly wooded pine forests, breathtaking vistas of meadows and the snow-clad Himalayan Mountains.
Serving as the base camp during the Amarnath Yatra, the Pahalgam Chandanwadi-Amarnath route is preferred by tourists trying to reach the mountain cave of Lord Shiva. The town also holds an amazing two-day long Snow Festival that showcases winter sports like skiing, snow-sledging and many more which tourists can participate in. Other activities that tourists can indulge in are golf, trekking and angling.
Apart from being a pilgrimage site, Pahalgam is also a treat for adventure junkies and is the starting point for several treks. However, the highlight of the activities available for tourists is the white water rafting facility winding down the Lidder River through the forests and down the rapids.
While shopping in Pahalgam, remember that there are only three banks with ATM machines (SBI, HDFC and J&K) and hawkers will ask for five times the rate of the product, so don’t forget to bargain. However, the Kashmiri shawls, carpets and clothing with chain-stitch embroidery are beautiful and a must buy.
Pahalgam is an angler's delight and even an amateur can catch a rainbow trout from the rushing streams. The large brown bear is a natural inhabitant of the thick Pine and Cedar forests. Pahalgam has a golf course at 2400 meters above the sea level. Camping equipment, ponies and skiing equipment is readily available. White water of River Lidder makes it ideal for the thrilling adventure sport like white water rafting. Kolahoi is a popular Trekking destination via Aru Valley, a charming meadow. Aru Valley is for Amateur and Professional Trekkers, some of the most popular trekking destinations from Aru are Kolohai, Tarsar, Marsar etc.
Pahalgam is base camp for the pilgrims of Amarnath that takes place every year in the months of July–Augustand for Trekking expeditions to Sonamarg, Wadwan and Suru Valley etc.
Around Pahalgam are many places of interest, and because the resort is set between fairly steep hills, it is worth hiring a pony rather than walking.
In Pahalgam the most beautiful of these is the huge, undulating meadow of Baisaran, surrounded by thickly wooded forests of pine. Hajan and Betab Valley on the way to Chandanwari, is an idyllic spot for a picnic. Filmgoers will recognize it instantly as it has been the location of several movie scenes.
Pahalgam has within it no fewer than eight tiny villages, one of which is Mamal. In Pahalgam there is a Shiva temple, generally considered to be Kashmir's oldest existing temple, dating to the 5th century.
“Shepherd’s village”, Pahalgam is visited by tourists and locals in huge number for its gradual lowering of temperature and river Lidder flowing at an approachable distance. Traveling through meandering roads, Pahalgam opens up with a fresh cool breeze of the river. The Lidder River rises from the Kolohoi glaciers, Tarsar Lake and Sheeshnag to join as tributary of Jhelum. Pahalgam has a 9 hole golf course open for tourists now being extended into 18 hole. The golf championships are organized by state government and private hoteliers in summer. Here, tourists and locals put together in the shades of Pine trees surrounding the golf course.

Important Contact No.s in Pahalgam

STD Code: 01936
Tourist Office: 01936243224
JKTDC: 01936243285/243308
Police Station: 01936243228

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Things to do in Pahalgam

Horse Riding

Pahalgam is a city blessed with boundless natural beauty, and the best way to enjoy these wonders of nature is by sitting back and relaxing on a horse ride. Horse riding is one of the most popular activities among tourists in the city, and horses and ponies are easily available on rent in almost all parts of the city. One can take a horse ride to Baisaran Meadow, which is a beautiful place surrounded by palm trees against the backdrop of snow-covered mountains. A horse ride can also be done on the rugged tracks leading up to Tulian Lake. Many tourists who are not capable of enjoying the complete beauty of Kashmir on foot rent a horse, and let themselves indulge all their senses in the surreal beauty of this place.


Trout fishing in Lidder River is quite popular sport in Pahalgam. Brown and Rainbow trout’s in the soft & hard levels of the river challenges an angler to throw a line at different beats. Kashmir is said to be the cheapest trout fishing destination in the world. The department of fisheries supervises the angling to maintain the ecological balance of the species through scientific measures. Anglers can buy or hire the fishing equipment like a rod, reel, flies, net basket or long boots from the shops at Polo view lane, near the Bund Srinagar. The Ghilees can also be arranged from fisheries dept. or the angler’s shops.
Permits have to be collected well in advance from J&K fisheries department. Best season for fishing is April to September.


Pahalgam has a nine hole golf course at 2400 meters above the sea level. The course is an expanse of relatively large plain area in a relatively narrow valley. The locals would refer to this Golf course simply as the 'plateau'.
There is a golf club on one side of the plateau. Light refreshments, as well equipment and golf caddies could be rented out from there. The flat hill gradually rises up to corn fields, finally into a hill. Portions of the plateau have been occupied by the military in the days of insurgency, leaving it out of bound of normal tourists.
The plateau really rises just before the confluence of the two rivers from Aru and Sheshnag. Consequently, a short hike down on the two sides descends into the roads, further on quickly into the rivers. On one side the Deer Park, Mine-golf could also be played at the Pahalgam Club on hourly basis. The equipment could be rented from the club.

White Water Rafting

If you are an adventure lover who has been craving for some adrenaline rush, then you should definitely try white water rafting in Pahalgam. The activity is an experiential treat to all adventure lovers offering an opportunity to face different levels of challenges. The most famous spot for white water rafting is the Aru Branch of Lidder River. If you are the daring type and looking for a highly challenging experience, you can choosecategory 3 and 4 rapids while if you are looking for something smoother, go for category 1. Also, while doing this activity, you have the opportunity of soak in the entire Pahalgam Valley in one go, which is truly a delightful experience. So, next time your adventurous soul is craving some action, you know where you want to be.


The town also has facilities for people who like to engage themselves in recreational activities like horse riding, golf, fishing and trekking. Tourists who like adventure will definitely love this place. There are several routes that are ideal for mountaineering and trekking in Pahalgam. There are numerous treks and hikes in Pahalgam. One can walk on the pine virgin forest and by water streams which is an adventure by itself.
One of the famous trekking routes is towards the Kolahoi glacier via Aru. And also on the way to Amarnath cave up till Sonamarg can be trekked. The equipments required for camping are very easily available in Pahalgam. Another popular trekking route is from Sonamarg to Pahalgam and also routes towards Chandanwari and Sheshnag Lake can be used for treks. Pahalgam is the base camp for several excursions and expeditions like Kolahari glacier, Sonamarg, Amarnath cave, Sheshnag and much more.
Although there are several routes for trekking, the most preferable route is the one to Kolahoi glacier. Tourists most often travel via this route while trekking. One should carry the camping equipments and tent along, as there are hardly any hotels. On the first day of trekking the route is from Pahalgam to Aru which is a village on the banks of a river known as Lidder. On the second day it is the Lidderwat. Third day includes walking up to the lake and then back to Lidderwat. And on the fourth day you can walk back to Pahalgam.
Thus Pahalgam is an adventurous town and an ideal place to take a break from your busy life. There cannot be a better town than Pahalgam especially if trekking is your utmost priority. The town has several camping sites of almost all kinds. Most youngsters like camping and trekking these days and hence this town has so much to offer to young tourists.


Pahalgam is not the ideal shopper’s stop as the variety of choice is more in Srinagar. However, the main market in Pahalgam offers Kashmiri carpets, wicker-work and pashmina shawls besides Kashmiri handicrafts. A must buy while shopping in Pahalgam is a pheran (Kashmiri woolen poncho) and Kashmiri golden apples.

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Places of interest in Pahalgam

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