About the Surinsar Lake

Situated at a distance of 42 km from Jammu city, Surinsar Lake is known for its natural bounty and some mythological importance. Surrounded by thickly wooded mountain ranges and it is a popular picnic spot. The beauty and natural splendor of Surinsar Lake can be compared with the magnificence of Dal Lake and Nagin Lake of Srinagar. Surinsar Lake and Mansar Lake are considered to be twin lakes; Mansar is located 30 km away from it. The Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary is nestled in the midst of both the lakes and supports 3 mammalian species and 15 avifauna species including crane. According to Hindu mythological legends, the origin of the lake is closely associated with the legendary warrior of Mahabharat, Arjun. It is said to believe that Arjun shot an arrow in to the Mansar and a spring gushed of the earth and now it is known as Surinsar Lake.

Surinsar Lake is one of the twin lakes in Jammu, the other being Mansar Lake located around 30 km away from here. The perimeter of this lake is surrounded by thick mangroves, looming pine trees and beautiful hills. An island situated in the middle of this land is home to thousands of bats. As per Hindu mythology, origin of Surinsar Lake goes back to the time of Mahabharat. It is said that the brave Pandava warrior Arjun shot an arrow into the ground at Mansar which emerged far away at Surinsar. This is how both lakes came into existence.

A nice getaway

Surinsar Lake, with its abundant natural beauty, is an ideal getaway for someone looking for tranquility and peace of mind. The quietness of forests around adds to serenity of this lake that is dominated by floating lotuses in summer time. Boating and swimming in this lake is restricted due to religious beliefs. A bird sanctuary around the lake is a favourite among bird watchers.

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Best time to Visit

The best time to visit this lake is from April to October.